Business Coach

“During the past year, I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Marc Weiner on several important projects. Marc is a consummate professional whose integrity and intellect are exceptional. His judgment and character are impeccable. He is generous with his time and an excellent listener. I am proud to call him my friend and recommend him without reservation.” – Salvatore Barbatano, Esq.

“After recently attending the “Take Your Resume from Blah to Wow!” class at the Virginia Beach Public Library on March 22nd, and having a follow up coaching session on April 9th, I wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for this initiative. The instructor, Mr. Marc Weiner, was very attentive and energetic in both the classroom and coaching settings. His suggestions and insight were helpful, welcoming and tailored to both the individuals need and personality. And all of this was provided at no cost – Wow!  This to me was a great approach, and a different one at that. It is appreciated that our library offered this class, and would serve to be a great fit for future library supported classes. ” – Nikki Allen, Account Clerk, City of Virginia Beach, Department of Public Utilities.

“If you’re looking for a business coach or consultant who has a proven track record of business success in more than one industry, is focused, practical, results-oriented and truly cares about his clients, Marc Weiner is your best bet. I hired Marc as a mentor coach to guide me as I started my own coaching business and it was money well spent. He is someone who actively pursues learning and knowledge by reading, attending conferences, participating in mastermind groups, and engaging in a variety of joint ventures, and he is always ready to share what he knows with his clients and students. He is also great at helping you to figure out what obstacles are standing in your way and how to get around them. On top of all of that, Marc is personable, punctual, professional and has a great sense of humor. I recommend him without reservation, and would hire him again.” Elise Holtzman, Advocate Success Group.

“Marc has a natural ability to coach myself and the other members of our CEO group through various business and personal challenges. He is able to get the members of our group to recognize our strengths & shortcomings through a self-directed discovery process. The end result of Marc’s coaching is that myself and the other members of our CEO group are running better more profitable organizations. As a management consultant, business coach, personal coach & organization development specialist it is my pleasure to recommend Marc’s services to other CEOs.” Bob Larson, CPC, CEO, Berman, Larson, Kane.

During the week following the last Seminar, John DeWitt, CEO, DeWitt & Associates, used several of the “Dealing with Buyer Stall” techniques learned and practiced at the Seminar and closed a $26,000 project that had been pending for well over five months. “We are using other skills we learned at the Seminar, and closed an additional $40,000 of new sales during the past two months – in the past this could take us six to nine months to accomplish!”

“Marc is likely the best business coach that you could hire for yourself. He has a tremendous ability to combine coaching you on the significant personal and leadership development areas while at the same time keep you focused on the here and now of your everyday responsibilities. He can help you put the total picture together for yourself. He knows when to be direct and to the point, and when to let you stumble through your thinking, knowing the realization you’re about to have is a powerful one. Take your career or business to the next level, and give Marc a call.” Luke Iorio, PCC, AELC (LION), Vice President, Business Development

Within three days following the completion of the seminar, Preston Taylor, Regional Manager, ADT, used the sales techniques and strategies and actually sold as much in those three days as he sold in the prior month! A full month’s sales was achieved in less than three days! Within two more days he successfully closed several more “stalled” buyers thus making his week after attending the seminar “record-breaking”! A week or so later, he stated that he had his single highest sales day ever!

Joanne Kramer, Managing Partner, Creative Business Solutions, had been trying to close a $15,000 consulting opportunity for well over six months. She was ready to give up. However, using the “dealing with buyer stall” techniques she learned at the Seminar she reopened her file and within 30 minutes on the phone she CLOSED the sale.

Rochelle Dykstra, Regional Director, Shaklee, used her new skills and techniques and CLOSED several sales at a vendor’s booth at a conference – something she had never successfully done in the past. Weeks later, she participated in another regional health fair and stated that she “made sales to over 50 new customers! “

Jim Hyland, CEO, ASA Payroll, had been successful adding new clients at the rate of about two to three per month during the past year. After attending the Seminar he says that “I am now adding new clients at the rate of two to three per WEEK!” He is not only teaching these techniques to his sales staff, he made arrangements for several of his current clients to attend the Seminar.

Charlie LoSchiavo, CEO, Quality Comfort Systems, made sales in the past, but it always took several presentations, weeks of follow-up and up to six months to finally close the sale and consequently had to wait weeks or months to be paid. Utilizing what he learned during the week following his participation in the Seminar, he reported that he “went on three sales calls worth a total of over $30,000, CLOSED ALL OF THEM, and left the customers’ homes with full payment in hand” – thus, reducing his sales cycle by weeks and even months! Using the techniques, this past week he closed a $230,000 sale with another $250,000 sale close behind from the same customer!

“Thank you. I was really looking forward to being able to write to both of you to let you know how successful the Quad Trak program was for me. I closed on 3 sales in the past two days (the big packages) and I have 3 other people that are scheduled to close on Friday with the big packages as well. My goal was to become a Manager by the end of the week and I will go above and beyond that. I went to a networking event last night and walked out with 4 new appointments! I am loving this! I can’t thank you enough. I’ve been spreading the word how all of this happened in just the first week after I attended the Seminar – they no doubt will want to learn the techniques that are now getting me to where I want to go!” Jill Clarvit, Manager, Send Out Cards & Certified Professional Life Coach.

“After working with a large academic medical center for several years, our entire department was outsourced. We were all concerned about our professional careers, given the current economic situation. After spending a few days processing my predicament, I began networking with colleagues. Marc was one of the first people to come to mind. I have known Marc for over 20 years; however, when I contacted him I had no idea that he had begun this amazing company. I signed up for his business coach program and was able to immediately apply the concepts that I had been taught. Updated skills have been added to my professional and personal frameworks that have guided me through this stressful and uncertain time. Along with making constructive commentary that resulted in strengthening my resume, Marc introduced me to myriad options that have resulted in expanding my professional exposure and employment options. Marc has been the silver lining that has made a difficult situation an opportunity that I now find myself grateful to have been offered. Any person interested in investing in their personal and professional growth will benefit from Marc’s enthusiasm, business experience, knowledge and dynamic personality. He is willing to share all of these talents for the sole purpose of strengthening the skill set of those individuals who choose to work with him.” Karen Sieverding, Vice President, Quality Assurance

“I first started working with Marc over a year ago and he has been instrumental in helping me identify my perfect career path while enhancing the other aspects of my life. I’ve started my own business doing something I love while having the time with my family, much of which is due to Marc’s guidance. I highly recommend Marc for anyone looking for more out of their business and personal lives and unearthing that passion all of us have inside.” Brad Belton, Schooley-Mitchell.

“I have, over the last 22-years, had the opportunity to work with Marc Weiner as an individual client, as a senior executive of a corporate client, and as a senior executive of a healthcare organization with which another of my clients contracted. During the years that we worked together, Marc served generally as either the Chief Financial Officer or the Chief Operating Officer of various entities in the healthcare industry. Marc brought to each position strong leadership skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and high integrity. Under particularly trying circumstances, he re-engineered the financial function of a publicly held company that filed for bankruptcy protection shortly after Marc joined the company.” Ross Docksey, Partner, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP

“I had the opportunity to work with Marc when he joined iPEC Coaching as our Executive Director. With Marc’s extensive corporate background, he was instrumental in putting in place processes and procedures that helped our School Director’s and staff across the country work more effectively. Marc is currently affiliated with iPEC as a senior faculty member providing accredited education and training for individuals desiring to become certified life and corporate coaches in its schools located in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Illinois, and California.” Carol Hawthorne, Southeast School Director & Certified Leadership Coach , iPEC Coaching

“I attended Marc’s Sales Training and was so impressed he is now my business coach. He continues to show me creative ways to increase my business and make sure I’m having fun while I’m doing it.” Keith Verkem, Owner, Glen Rock Digital Photo.

“Marc knows his stuff, is considerate and cares deeply about the success of his clients, and thinks outside the box to help you grow as a person and an entrepreneur.  He is an outstanding business coach.” Bryan Glass, Attorney.

“I’ve worked with Marc Weiner for almost a year now, and I find him to be a results-oriented, intelligent, and focused business coach. Not only does he have the extensive experience of a successful corporate career, he also brings to his clients the rare quality of a truly positive outlook on not only his ability to succeed but that his clients can succeed. It has been my experience just working with him that when our telephone calls end, I am more excited and ready to go on our project than I was before I picked up the phone. His energy and attitude are contagious in the most positive sense of the word! Marc is a wonderful person to work with and for…and I am a subcontractor for Marc. My experience has been that the character of a business person can be determined by how he or she deals with their employees, subcontractors and vendors – not just by how they treat their clients. From my perspective, Marc treats me with honesty, integrity and values my services and I know he works with his clients in the same way. If you are looking for help in meeting your goals, learning how to DO those activities that grow a business and increase the bottom line, then you should seriously consider Marc Weiner as a coach and teacher. You will not be disappointed, and you will grow as person, in your business and see results you did not know you could achieve.” Teresa Knapp-Aguirre, Owner , The Overall Assistant, Inc.

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Marc Weiner. I met Marc at an internet marketing event and invited him to join my MasterMind group. He is articulate, energetic, intelligent, and fun. He understands business, people, sales, and communication. I am honored to call him a colleague. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of a professional coach, a sales trainer, or a business advisor that Marc is the one to speak with!” Carol McManus, Founder & CEO,

“I have learned a different perspective to selling that is much smoother and appealing to prospects. Marc has taught us how to “break the ice” with new prospects and move quickly to close with cofidence and trust when selling for the first time a purchasing department. Invaluable to new sales professionals and sincere enlightenment for the veterans!” Jeff Bier, Owner, Cartridge World of Franklin Lakes.

“Marc has some great techniques not only for business but can also be used in your personal life skills. If you haven’t seen him as a speaker and presenter, you are missing out on a great experience.” Pat Hughes, CMP.“Marc has worked with the American College of Emergency Physicians over many years as a speaker, workshop facilitator, and education program planner, achieving exemplary results and receiving the highest praise from participants.” Debbie Smithey, CMO, CAE.

“Marc’s attention to detail and result focused action plan helped my profit margin soar in an economy that is sluggish. I highly recommend Marc’s seminar and private coaching for increased business profitability.” Rochelle Dykstra, R.N.

“Marc created and then presented the vision of expanding our service offering with certified life/executive coaching. His personal coaching and those of his staff have greatly increased the value of our overall program to our clients and we have enjoyed a highly productive business partnership, as well as a growing personal friendship. Marc continues to amaze me with his passion as a business coach, his business smarts, executive vision and personal integrity.” Waffles Natusch, President, Career Change.

“I would like to endorse Marc Weiner. Marc has been my business coach since January of this year. When I hired Marc I didn’t realize how much my business would use a business coach. In the last five months I have contacted Marc numerous times for different reasons. Some of the subjects that I have needed Marc’s expertise on are: Trademarks Non-Disclosure and Non-Interference Contracts Branding Newsletters Government Contracts. These are just a few of the subjects that I have had to contact Marc about. Since I have hired Marc I am quite sure that I would not make any large business decision without first running it past Marc for his opinion. I would highly recommend Marc’s services for any size business.” Donna Dorsey, Owner, Goffle Brook Farms & Nursery.

“Marc is an unbridled bundle of energy and enthusiasm directed at helping me be a better executive. He has vast business expertise upon which to draw but uses these war stories to reinforce rather than distance the relationship with his clients. His training programs are first rate, and I found it a pleasure to work with him.” Keith Ellis, Toronto, Canada.

“Marc applies the Quad Trak System combined with his creative ideas to your style and business. I found that the system he uses fits me perfectly because it connects to the client’s needs first which results in the sale, rather than jumping right into a pitch. This style has been the most affective technique I have ever used. My results working with Marc have been more clients, confidence in sales & public speaking all while having a great time getting there. Never knew that business coaching could provide great results and be fun. Jaime Bachrach, Owner, Harmony Within Massage Therapy.

“Marc and I got to know each other during our time at the BNI Crossroads chapter in Mahwah, New Jersey, where we both served in various leadership capacities. I found Marc to be an incisive thinker and relentless doer, with a knack for listening, learning, and getting others to take action. No matter what new challenge he takes on, he brings to the table a strong desire to excel, which has enabled him to thrive in many different circumstances and environments. A hard worker with a creative mind is a difficult combination to beat – and that’s Marc.” Rocky Buckley, President/CEO , Black Diamond Group

“Frankly, I think Marc is brilliant! I don’t believe there is anything that this man cannot do. He is completely commited to excellence and anyone should consider themselves lucky to be his client as their hopes and dreams will come true.” Diane Zarick, Director, Client Selection Services , The Barrett Group

“Marc is an innovative professional and an effective career coach and mentor, forming relationships and guiding his clients through the career development. He is extremely organized, highly productive and committed to his client’s success.” Larry DiBoni, Executive Management Consultant & Business Specialist , The Barrett Group

“Marc is an absolute pleasure to work with. His coaching instincts are spot on, and his business skills are outstanding. Jeffrey Dunn, Principal , SageGuild, LLC”Thanks for a great and very motivational talk at the Montville Chamber of Commerce.” Kathy Lindert, Advanced Hynosis Counseling