Why Are You Procrastinating About Using LinkedIn?


Friends and colleagues have been urging you to use LinkedIn for years. However, you still have not joined the site. It’s been on your mind. Maybe, you have visited the site several times, but you have not yet committed to taking the first click. You could be experiencing a mild case of social media procrastination with LinkedIn.

There could be a few reasons that you are avoiding making a connection with over 250 million users. The site could look intimidating, and you may feel that you are not a good match for the professionals on the site. Maybe you just don’t know where to begin.

Finding Employment

In this economic environment, it is always a smart move to make strong connections with hiring managers before you need a job. On this site, your LinkedIn profile and resume are in constant view of recruiters who are hiring. This could open doors for your next big opportunity.


The members of this social media community have expertise in a variety of fields and disciplines. If you need additional information as you are conducting research, LinkedIn will enable you to find informative articles on any topic of interest.

Connect with Decision-Makers

There are many high level connections that can be made in the LinkedIn community. Whether you are looking for business or employment connections, it is always better to make connections through people that you know.

Share Your Expertise

Each person has valuable knowledge in a specific area that would benefit others. Your LinkedIn community is perfect for sharing your expertise in your profession or field of interest.

Multiple Ways to Connect

There are multiple ways to connect with community members. You can make a connection through your business, career, current/former colleagues, friends and alumni associations. Each of these connections are as strong as the other. There is no right or wrong way to build a connection.

Now that you know the benefits of using this site, it is now time for you to understand how to use LinkedIn. Properly using this site is not difficult, but it does require you to commit dedication to creating a professional profile LinkedIn. Setting up a presence on this site involves the following steps.

  • Create a Professional Profile LinkedIn – You must remember that this is a professional community that value professional pictures and content.
  • Upload Your Resume – A good resume highlights the most relevant aspects of your career. Make sure that your resume shines.
  • Connect with Community Members – The most value you will find on this site is the connections. It is vital that you connect with community members in ways that will yield results.
  • Navigate with Ease – This site is full of information, groups, connections and content. Learning how to use each aspect of this site will help you maximize the your membership.

Learning how to use LinkedIn does not have to be avoided. With the help of a guided step-by-step approach, you can overcome your avoidance of using LinkedIn. The tools and guidance are available to help you get connected today!

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