How To Use Your Existing Technology To Save Money

One of my business mantras is “I don’t mind spending money on my business, but I can’t stand wasting it.”  This doesn’t mean buying low quality, low priced supplies and equipment – it means buying high quality at the lowest possible price.  By taking advantage of your existing technology, you can do the same.  Here are some tips on how to do so:

  1. Product and User Reviews: Product reviews are helpful, but user reviews are even better.  You can easily get product reviews at sites such as or  User reviews can be found at ,, and
  2. Online Coupons and Special Offers: Find these at ,,,,,, and many others.  For restaurants you can go to, put in the Zip code and browse a list of restaurants that offer discounted gift certificates.
  3. Auction Sites:  Occasionally an exceptional buy can be found on auction sites such as Amazon and eBay.  An alternative is to visit sites such as,,,, and
  4. Shopping Comparison Sites: Using these sites, you can easily compare prices at a variety of sellers.  Make sure you also include the shipping costs and delivery dates in your comparisons.  Sites to consider include:,,,,, and
  5. Classified Ads: Online, free classified listings can be found at,,,, and

Saving money by shopping on line can and will save you and business money on the things you need every day to run your business.  But, you want to be smart and safe when shopping online – so here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Hidden Costs and Charges: Check to make sure there no extra special delivery fees, insurance charges, handling fees, service fees or hidden repetitive monthly fees (be careful of signing up for a one-time low payment and then get surprised with high monthly charges).
  2. Choose the most reputable seller: All things being equal, always select the seller that has the best reputation and user satisfaction rating.
  3. Understand the return policy before you buy: Always know the return policy before you place your order.  Print out a copy of the return policy and make sure you stay within the stated policy guidelines if you need to return an item.
  4. Consider a unique email address for online purchases: This not only allows you to keep everything organized in one location it also keeps unwanted spam from building up in your regular email inbox.
  5. Take advantage of rebates: If a rebate is offered, take advantage of it.  Make sure you follow the rebate instructions exactly so that your rebate is not rejected after you have purchased and used the item.